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A Little About Us

Heirs of Christ Inc. is a Non-For Profit organization, co-founded by five families in 2021 with
the sole purpose of improving lives in vulnerable communities around the world. In the face of
the challenging living conditions in communities ravaged by diseases, economic hardships,
social and political conflicts, especially in the developing world, we felt compelled to embrace a
cause that is greater than our personal aspirations. Our mission is clear and simple: reach out to
communities of any faith, culture, race and background around the world.
Unified by faith in Jesus Christ, we believe in our calling to bring light to the darkness by
bringing people together to solve dire conditions in needy communities around the world. We
partner with communities and organizations by providing them with knowledge and resources to
better care for themselves in the most sustainable way.
We believe every human being has a God giving potential to thrive, support her/his community
and live with dignity and decency if given the proper means. We strive to promote excellence,
diversity, probity, sustainability and accountability in all aspects of our work.


Our Mission

HOC changes and enriches lives by empowering and equipping communities

Our Values

At Heirs of Christ, we live by these Core Values: 


These Core Values drive our long-term strategies and short-term goals, and they underpin our mission to inspire breakthroughs in improving the lives of communities and ensuring every human being lives in a more sustainable world regardless of his/her origin and social status.  


Community based programs are designed and purposed to encourage and give hope.

Our nonprofit organization shares a common goal of uplifting and uniting the communities.

We focus and place emphasis on education, health, social, and economic issues of communities.


HOC is building relationships in communities around the world. We want to be the voice of the voiceless  in a very tense and uncertain world. We pride ourselves in planning and working alongside Churches, donors, local community leaders, and volunteers to improve social and economic conditions in needy communities around the world.  We work to find and solve a significant gap in awareness and services related to bringing people together  to give hope to communities and ensure a sustainable world for the next generation. 

In addition, we are working to keep health institutions and facilities open by sending financial support and medical supplies to provide clean water, clothing, and food to needy communities. We also provide support and technical assistance to local farmers and help communities prevent, prepare and recover from future environmental issues.


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