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Who We Are

Heirs of Christ Inc. is a Non-For Profit organization, co-founded by five families in 2021 with the sole purpose of improving lives in vulnerable communities around the world. In the face of the challenging living conditions in communities ravaged by diseases, economic hardships, social and political conflicts, especially in the developing world, we felt compelled to embrace a cause that is greater than our personal aspirations. Our mission is clear and simple: reach out to communities of any faith, culture, race and background around the world.

Unified by faith in Jesus Christ, we believe in our calling to bring light to the darkness by bringing people together to solve dire conditions in needy communities around the world. We partner with communities and organizations by providing them with knowledge and resources to better care for themselves in the most sustainable way. We believe every human being has a God giving potential to thrive, support her/his community and live with dignity and decency if given the proper means. We strive to promote excellence, diversity, probity, sustainability and accountability in all aspects of our work.

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Chief Executive Officer


Vignon Wilson is a co-founder and President of Heirs of Christ, Inc... His extensive experience in mentorship and team development gives him the leverage to ensure the organization’s activities are compliant and further HOC’s mission. He has also served in a variety of leadership capacities, including developing teams and small groups, where his role was to mentor and help others find their purpose in life, grow spiritually, and give back to their community.

Vignon brings over 16 years of client relationship experience, as well as a full dedication to philanthropic work. He is a devout Christian, a dedicated spouse, and a committed father of four kids. Following his past struggles and hardships, Vignon has gained a greater appreciation for the blessings in his life, as well as greater compassion for those in needs. His life's ambition is to contribute to a more equitable world, where everyone can live out their lives in peace and joy.

Lancina Karambiri is a cofounder of Heirs of Christ Inc. He has more than twenty-five years of experience in financial and award management in not-for-profit, and non-governmental organizations at the national and the international level. 

Lancina graduated from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor’s degree in accounting with a minor in Management Information Systems, and a Master’s degree in Public Administration and Finance.

He has a deep passion for the humanitarian and development arena where he uses his skills to help alleviate the poverty burden among vulnerable populations across the globe, especially, those in developing countries. As he says, “He is convinced that this is his best way to share his faith as a Christian and give back to the community that contributed to lifting him up to the level he stands on today.”




Director of Operations 


With more than 15 years in the non-profit field, Alain has acquired extensive leadership and managing skills while working for various prominent organizations around the United States. He has managed multi-million dollar projects funded by the U.S. government and others by their donors. One of the most noteworthy duties under his supervision includes computing and engaging in indirect cost negotiations, while effectively collaborating with program managers around the world. Alain’s enthusiasm and range of experience offers a unique perspective and creative strategy that will be used to benefit and improve impoverished communities. 

Yves is a cofounder of Heirs of Christ, Inc. He has an extensive experience in financial reporting, analysis and compliance in the public and private sectors. He earned his undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Maryland Global Campus. Yves is a bilingual, family man and a loving father of two beautiful kids.

One way of giving back and honoring all the people that have blessed him along the way is to help others with passion, no matter their race, background and social status.

He loves volunteering in communities and churches. As he says, “helping others is self-fulfilling!” Besides crunching numbers or helping in communities, he loves reading, traveling and playing sports.

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Director of Information                   Systems

Clement Kongo is a cofounder of Heirs of Christ, Inc.. Born in Senegal to Togolese parents, Clement grew up in Congo and briefly lived in Togo early on in his professional career as a CAP in Architecture.

Clement is certified in Security +, A+ and System Infrastructure.

His lifelong passion for cooking briefly led him into Food and Hospitality Management where he earned his certification in leadership and management.

Also, his multicultural background gives him the opportunity to volunteer in multicultural communities and churches.

Clement speaks French, English and a little bit of Spanish. He loves to entertain and bring people together through his culinary skills and passion for music. He also enjoys traveling and listening to comedy shows.




Shalom is a Professional Project/Program Manager with years of experience in leading technical and non-technical transformation project teams with a proven ability to work across broad functional teams and drive consensus in Africa, the US and the South Pacific. He is a results-driven and solution-oriented with experience in using data and metrics to drive improvements with owning program strategy, end to end delivery, and delivering results in a fast-paced and dynamic business environment. Shalom is analytical, resourceful, customer-focused and has the ability to build effective relationships with key stakeholders. He is also a scrum Master and SAFe 5 Agilist certified.

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